11 Amazing Steps of Namaz

So friends Namaz is pillar of Islam but unfortunately some of my brother and sisters do not know 11 Amazing Steps of Namaz?. Today i will tel you How To Do Namaz Step By Step?. Prayer is the only path to reaching God. By praying wholeheartedly, you can get whatever you want from God. You can express your feelings like joy, sorrow, gratitude, and anger to the Almighty anytime, anywhere.

Prayer in Islam, or salah, is considered the strongest pillar of this religion. Muslims believe in Allah and that he speaks to them through the Quran. Hence salaah is their means of connecting with Allah. However, you may have a question about how to do namaz step by step, which is very easy to learn.

How To Do Namaz Step By Step - 11 Amazing Steps of Namaz
How To Do Namaz Step By Step – 11 Amazing Steps of Namaz

How To Do Namaz Step By Step – 11 Amazing Steps of Namaz

1. Make sure that the area where you will pray is clean and impurity free. This consists of your clothes, body, and of course, the place of prayer. First, you have to do fresh wudu. Ensure to be pure ritually before you begin to pray. Spread a clean cloth or mat on the floor. The prayer rug or carpet is very significant for the Islamic culture.

2. To perform ghusl, you must wash your entire body and hair with water. Washing three times is a must. Take a full shower or ghusl if required.

3. You have to perform dry purification or tayammum if required.

4. Then face the qibla, the direction every Muslim faces for praying to the holy Kaaba.

5. You have to pray at the correct time. You have to offer five prayers daily, which are to be performed at specific timings. Those are Fajr(dawn), Zuhr(afternoon), Asr(mid-afternoon), Maghrib(sunset) and Isha(night).

6. Islamic prayers or Salah are supposed to be said in the Arabic language.

7. For praying to Allah, you have to cover yourself properly. Women cover everything except their face and hands; however, men are required to cover their body area from the navel and knees.

8. Before starting your prayer, you must have pure intention within your heart. You must place your head, hands, and knees on the floor and say Allahu Akbar, ensuring that the nose and forehead touch the ground. Then raise your hands and say Allahu Akbar while standing. Then you have to put your right hand over your left hand and after that bow down and say Allahu Akbar. Then again stand up and bow down on the ground. This is called the sajdah position.

9. You have to rise from sajdah and then sit on your knees by placing your left foot from the ball to your heel upon the floor. Make sure that your right foot is on your toes on the floor. Read this aloud “Allaahumma-ghfir lee warhamnee wajburnee, warfa’nee, wa ‘aafinee war’zuqnee.”

10. You have to say Allahu Akbar again and then stand up.

11. Complete your prayer with tasleem, turning your head first to your right and then left. When you turn your head right, say “As-salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaattuhu”. When you turn your head left, say “As-salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu”.

So friends i think you now aware about 11 Amazing Steps of Namaz, and now you have learned how to do namaz in proper way. For any query you can ask to me anytime.