8 Powerful Steps of Wudu And How To Perform Wudu In Islam

Today i came here with a new topic called “8 Powerful Steps of Wudu And How To Perform Wudu In Islam” In the Islamic religion, worship is done with a pure heart and a clean mind. However, to get peace in life we have to do fresh wudu in the early morning and other rituals. But first, we must know what wudu is and how to perform wudu in Islam?.

Wudu is an Arabic word. It is a ritual of washing parts of the body. This includes washing hands, feet, arms, and face with water. It is a vital part of ritual purity. The Islamic jurisprudence or Fiqh rules the wudu. There are four compulsory acts or Fardh of Wudu. This indicates specific rules and regulations regarding hygiene. It also defines the other rituals which are performed after it. Wudu is usually performed before Salad or Salah or prayers.

Do Not Do Wudu At
Do Not Do Wudu At – 8 Powerful Steps of Wudu And How To Perform Wudu In Islam


Do Not Do Wudu At – 8 Powerful Steps of Wudu And How To Perform Wudu In Islam

Certain activities nullify wudu. Those are:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Postpartum
  • Menstruation
  • Light bleeding
  • Deep sleep
  • Flatulency
  • Defecation and
  • Urination

Taharah defines purifying the body along with clothes. On the grounds of translation, wudu means partial ablution, which is the opposite of full ablution. Tayammum or dry ablution differentiates with wudu, where dust or sand is used in the place of water. Before starting any prayer doing wudu is compulsory, as the prayer performed without wudu is considered invalid. Hence, when one is ablution, the steps of wudu must be carried out serially without taking long pauses.

8 Powerful Steps of Wudu – Must Read

The main steps for performing wudu are as follows:

  1. The procedure of doing wudu starts with intention or niyyah. This must be done silently inside your thoughts. Saying Bismillah before performing wudu is a must. Bismillah means in the name of Allah.
  2. Now wash both hands and use your left hand to clean your right hand up to your wrist. You have to do this three times. You must repeat this procedure by washing your left hand three times. It would help if you did not forget to wash your fingers.
  3. Now you have to use water in your right hand like a cup and rinse your mouth three times. It would help if you swished the water indie your mouth correctly to clean your mouth and then spit out the water.
  4. Use your left hand to blow out the water. Then you have to rinse your nose three times with your right hand, and cupping water and partially inhaling it within your nose makes it clean. Repeat the procedure three times.
  5. The next step is washing your face three times.
  6. Then wash your arms by starting with the right using your fingertips up to the above elbow.
  7. Then you have to wipe your head along with your ears one time.
  8. The last step is washing your feet by starting from the right foot from the toenail tip to above your ankle. This must be done three times.

So i think you learned about 8 Powerful Steps of Wudu And How To Perform Wudu In Islam and hope you will guide to our other brothers and sisters about it. If you have any problem then feel free ask to me.

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